The blog journal on science policy.


We cordially welcome everybody to drop us a line if he or she has an idea for a contribution to this blog or for a possible collaboration. If you have spotted an elephant, you can tell us or write according to our formats.

Our formats



– The moonshot is a format for really bold and cutting edge ideas.
– You can think big here; the probability of realization is a side issue.

– Moonshots can be up to 500 words.



– Opinions are short posts that reflect on a monthly topic.
– Opinion pieces should be a personal statement and recommend actions.



– From time to time we interview experts in particular fields.
– Interviews are limited to three questions and can be published as text or as video.


How tos

– The name speaks for itself: Here we welcome practical advice and top-lists.
– How tos should be short and precise (approx. 500 words).




– If you published something somewhere else and now think it might fit here as well: Let us know.
– Crosspost are welcome and we make them citable


You can always reach us via mail.